When people are in touch, you feel comfortable, like you’re long lost friends. I loved meeting and photographing this family in their beautiful home. They have four sweet children, there is so much love and light in their home. It is obvious they are living with purpose and I feel lucky to sneak a quick glimpse of it and to capture it for them:)


You know when you just get people, you can see their hearts when you know they don’t show it to everyone they meet. I’ve loved photographing this family for the past 4 years, maybe it’s been 5, I don’t know for sure, but it started with the first maternity photos. I lose track of the time. I thoroughly enjoy watching families grow and I want to capture this for them year after year. It’s the best!! I love what I do and I feel so lucky to get to do what I do.
good family photographer

When I received an almost instant reply from Joanna about having another family session, I was eager to be traveling back to where my roots in photography began. It’s been three years since I last had the pleasure of photographing the Nelson Family. They brought their 3 year old, gentle, dog Rosie who is afraid of cameras. Which turns out was a good thing, because she sat perfectly, watched my every move and even smiled for me. Their three daughters are blossoming into beautiful young women. Alexa is a figure skater, and Paige keeps busy by going to Jr High and her favourite sport is basketball. McKenna is a quiet, creative doer and built an inukshuk during the session. They all came smartly dressed as they always do, Joanna reminded me of the most beautiful flower in a gorgeous bouquet. Their happiness is always evident in the way they all look at their husband and father.