Here are some pictures from my son’s Minecraft themed 8th birthday party. I did a bit of research to find out what types of things are in the game. I came up with Cooked Pork: bacon, Watermelon just cut up, Cocoa Beans: chocolate covered raisins, Notches Favorite Chips: bbq lays, Green Slime: green Jello, and for the drink I made blue Kool-aid to look like the water in the game. I’m sure there are a hundred other things you could make, these are just a few. We also played a game “Pin the TNT on the Creeper”. I printed a picture of a Creeper and some TNT blocks to stick on. At every birthday we always play a game of throwing marshmallows off the balcony into the kids mouths — the kids love it!

minecraft birthday ideas
Okotoks birthday photographer
minecraft birthday photography
minecraft birthday ideas

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