About Jackie

Hi, I’m Jackie.

I am a mom of 4 rambunctious boys. It’s always a PARTY at our house!!

Becoming a photographer was a dream for me when I was in High School, but was discouraged from actively pursuing it as an occupation because it didn’t pay enough to make a living. Lucky for me, I married a guy who saw things differently. He coached (pushed?) me to pursue my passion even when building a business seemed like an impossible feat. He’s taught me perserverance and the importance of consistancy. Now I get to spend my days pursuing my dream capturing the essence of families, and trying to convince moms they need to be in the pictures;)

I’m grateful and fortunate I get to do something I love doing. I often have to pinch myself. I look forward to photographing your beautiful family. -Jackie

My Style

My style of photography is a combination of classic portraits and candid lifestyle shots. I love when everyone is looking at the camera, but I also love getting the candid shots laughing or naturally unposed shots. My goal is to get a nice mixture of both. Everyone has a unique personality, I bring it out during the session and capture your
family’s uniqueness in your images. You will love your images!

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